NCFE Accreditation & Employer Services

With a rich heritage in education going back over 170 years, NCFE is one of the UK's largest and most successful awarding organisations. Your bespoke training can be tailored to your regional needs whilst benefiting from the quality stamp of our Accreditation and Employer Services. 

Accreditation and Certification of your qualifications

The NCFE International Customised Qualification service is designed to help you to develop your own customised qualifications to UK education standards; and then support you by providing ongoing quality assurance.

How will NCFE accreditation and Certification of your qualifications benefit you?

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)– you will retain the IPR for the qualifications you have developed whilst accredited by NCFE.
  • Your brand on NCFE certificates– NCFE certification that bears your organisation’s logo. The certificate will also include several security features including a hologram, watermarking and all certificates will be uniquely numbered meaning they can be checked and verified via our learner data-base.
  • Manage risk– operate within a third party, and independent, quality framework to help provide evidence to third parties, such as government authorities, about the quality of the learning experience that you offer.
  • Audit trail- You will be audited once a year by one of our quality assurance specialists, who will provide a report about standardisation of assessment, to demonstrate rigour and quality in helping your learners achieve their goals; they will also provide action plan by sharing best practice.
  • Minimise Administration- Minimise the administrative burden for producing certificates by letting us do it for you. Learners can also claim for replacement certificates directly to NCFE.
  • Speedy service– your new qualifications can be accredited within 15 working days
  • Quick and easy registration– we'll process your certification claim within 24 hours means your learners will not be waiting around for longer than needs be.
  • Competitive edge– NCFE accreditation provides further value to your professional development proposition to help you gain and retain clients and learners.

How will the Accreditation and Certification of your courses benefit your learners?

  1. Learners receive NCFE certificates of achievement.
  2. Certificated evidence of gaining new skills, knowledge and competence for their career development; and/or further education.

The Process – from Accreditation to Certification

supporting documents

Guidance for writing Customised Qualifications

The aim of these instructions is to help you develop new or revise existing Customised Qualifications and/or units through NCFE’s Accreditation Services.


Statement of support for vocational qualifications offered outside the United Kingdom

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), part of the UK government, has issued this expression of support to provide an explanation on the vocational qualifications system in England.

1. Become an NCFE International centre.

2. Application.

Complete the Application to Offer NCFE International Customised Qualifications form and simply send back to our Accreditation & Employer Services team.

3. Consultation and approval.

Our specialised team will help you design and develop your own qualifications(s) using a collaborative approach, providing expert feedback within 15 working days.

4. Accreditation.

When NCFE are happy to accredit your qualification we will send you a confirmation report to check, sign and return to us to activate your qualification for registrations.

5. Registrations.

Register your learners with NCFE as soon as possible after enrolment. This can be done anytime, anywhere via the Portal with the support of your Customer Support Assistant.

6. Verification.

Once you have registered your learners you will be allocated an External Quality Assurer (EQA). Your centre will have 1 remote quality audit per year. The EQA will verify your learners' portfolios and provide you with the support and guidance you need.

7. Certification.

Upon successful completion of your qualification, you can quickly claim your learners' certificates online.

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