International Approval Form

First and foremost...

...Thank you for choosing NCFE as your Awarding Organisation of choice. Please find below Part 1 (Initial Enquiry) of our application process. This is your opportunity to tell us a little bit about your organisation; your governance; where and how you operate; and which NCFE qualifications you wish to offer. Please provide as much detail as you can.

The information you provide will be considered by our International Review Panel within 5 working days and we will let you know the outcome of the panel’s decision. If NCFE are able to support you, we will contact you about moving forward to Part 2 of the approval process.

If you need any help or advice you can contact the NCFE International Team on + 44 191 239 8000 who will be happy to help. Or you can email us: [email protected]


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1. Your Organisation's Details

Please briefly explain the geographical locations (e.g. cities, countries) where you propose to offer NCFE qualifications and accredited awards (An award is a qualification that has been developed by your organisation that you wish to have accredited by NCFE)

2. Tell us about the products you would like to offer
2a. NCFE Qualifications

Please list the Qualifications you would like to apply for. Please include qualification number and full title.

2b. Customised Qualifications

Please list the qualifications you would like to have accredited by us.

Tell us why existing (regulated) qualifications don't meet your needs? How is your qualification materially different to one of our regulated qualifications?

Please provide information on the minimum entry requirements that a learner must meet in order to enable them to achieve this award.

3. Qualifications Delivery and Business Planning

Describe the proposed delivery model for our qualifications and international awards?

Please provide details on your strategy for gaining market share for your region, and the challenges you expect to face and how you propose to overcome these?

Have you got adequate staffing in place to begin delivery? ie; occupationally competent tutors, and UK qualified assessment and internal quality assurance staff?